Inkarnate Worlds

Sculpt and Paint Continents

  • Use the Sculpt Tool to easily add or subtract land masses
  • Custom shapes and size sliders allow fine-grained control
  • No art skills required, but enough control for artists and power users
  • Use the Brush Tool to paint a variety of textures

Add Objects and Patterns

  • Add character to your world with hand-illustrated objects
  • Add cities, encampments, towers, castles, bridges and more
  • Use the Pattern Tool to easily place mountain ranges and forests
  • Move, rotate, and delete placed objects
  • Use custom objects and textures for a personalized look

Annotate With Text and Notes

  • Choose from multiple fantasy-themed fonts
  • You have control over the size, color, and even text shadows
  • Move, rotate, or delete text just like other objects
  • Flesh out your world and its inhabitants with detailed notes